Word and Image


Cycle is an accordion book made with block prints and mixed papers. It measures 5.5″ high, 4.5″ wide closed, and 26″ wide when fully open. (2020)

Cycle, Full Length
Cycle, Two Panels

Color Theory

Color Theory is inspired by the color wheel. Batik fabric and mixed papers comprise this accordion book, which measures 2.25″ high and 27.5″ long when fully open.



Forgiveness features sun prints and mixed papers. Traditionally displayed as a star, it opens to 56″ for a linear reading.


Dance began with a series of ink prints, sequenced in a simple bound codex with leather spine.

Miniatures in Progress

A series of leather, mixed-paper, and letterpress miniatures is in progress. Finished size is 1″ x 1.25″. Check back for updates as the project takes shape.

Miniature book upright

Miniature book view of pages


1" x 1.25" red leather with moon and star prints

Salt  Bread  Broom

Salt, Bread, Broom is a traditional codex in an edition of three. The materials are common, including elephant poo paper and other recycled fibers.

The First and Last Body

The First and Last Body is an accordion book of four poems which honor my Wyoming garden and the spirit of survival during times of war.


Equinox is a fold book presenting a single poem, in the spirit of Sei Shonagon’s Pillow Book, of “things we could not make.”