December 2022

Snowing ski trail with rising sun.

I was skiing yesterday morning when two deer, a few feet from the trail, moved just enough to catch my attention. I kept moving, and two more stepped into sight. Snow. Sun. Deer. Solitude. In this month of short days and long checklists, I needed nothing more in that moment.

At this time of year, editors are clearing their submission piles. Rejections? Yes. Acceptances? Yes. I’m grateful to the volunteers who keep journals alive and accessible and to the editors who’ve selected my poems and essays. I’ll post links to new issues as they emerge.

Along the way, good reading fills me. I just discovered Radar Poetry, which offers stunning lyric poems. I’m also reading Laura Walker’s psalmbook. While the book itself is a bit larger than a standard poetry book, the adaptations of psalms are spare on the page. It’s a calming, filling book.

The advanced poetry seminar I’m teaching will wind down this week as we carve blocks and print poetry broadsides. The process begins with uncertainty, but every writer will make something unique and meaningful. I’m looking forward to carving and printing.

Meanwhile, I’ve been experimenting with mono-printing for a new artist’s book. Practice means postcards, postcards, postcards.

Wishing you surprise and discovery and creativity for the coming month.