January/February 2022

As I typed the slash between the months in the title of this post, I thought, “how true.” One month tethers to another as we navigate, slowly, each new step of a new year/an old pandemic. How, then, do I make or recognize change?

One morning this week, I was looking out my garden window while practicing yoga. A black-capped chickadee landed in the lilac bush and remained for the entire time, even though it was -20 degrees. As I was moving into stillness, this little bird was mirroring jumpy transitions and constant shifts in its gaze. But in a small way we were in sync, up early, in our element, perhaps moving to stay warm, preparing for the day.

The coming weeks will be a time of preparation as I look forward to upcoming publications and activities.

January 31 — A new essay will be out in Journal of Compressed Creative Arts. I received two beautiful books of poetry and photography from the editor Randall Brown this week. Those gifts sustain.

April 4, 11, 18 — I’m teaching a 3-class Writing Series for multiple genres at the Northfield Arts Guild (in-person). Classes are available individually or as a sequence. The emphasis is on creativity and play as we learn more about generative practices, metaphor, and the single poem as a book.

April — Watch for details about readings and forthcoming poems and essays.

Although there are no birds outside my window this morning, the sun is shining. Time to go exploring after last night’s light snow. I hope your days bring wild movement and stillness, imagination, and energy.