July 2021

This month begins with gatherings, fireworks, flea markets, and summer sales, but for me July is a quiet month. It’s a time of retreat and renew. I write less and read more. I walk and ride my bike with no mileage or stats in mind. I am present at my art table, finishing projects such as Tertia Natura, a simulated field guide to coral in leather and mixed media. I plan new projects, which this year means both small creations and the next book to follow The Feast Delayed.

Last July’s journal entries dwell in uncertainty as the pandemic sprawled. What will I realize next year as I reread this months reflections?

In the meantime, work comes to fruition. Poems and prose are forthcoming in Heron Tree and Attitcus Review. Poetry readings are in the details stage, so please check back for dates.

Wishing you intentional days and time to reflect.